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New !! Livestream E-commerce software Sell anywhere and Anytime on social media

Easily add and sell Live products on your Facebook and Instagram feeds to let shoppers browse and make purchases from inside their favorite social media channels. Need a link for Tiktok, Whatsapp, YouTube or any other platform to sell merch? We’ve got you covered.

About us

BlockWise Technologies, the professional assistant of IT Founded in 2023 under the name of BlockWise Technologies to start-up platform business. online store management system to meet the needs of merchants and online businesses of all sizes to grow as you want and manage your business flexibly.

How to use Chatnshops App


“Our Vision for Facebook Live Marketplace: Bringing the Shopping Experience to Life”

Through live videos and real-time interactions with sellers, customers can experience products in a more engaging and personal way. With the convenience of shopping on Facebook, customers can seamlessly make purchases without leaving the platform.


“Supporting Small on line Businesses”: The story of a socially conscious shopper who seeks out and supports small, independent businesses. Our Facebook and Instagram Live marketplace software offers a platform for these businesses to showcase their products and connect with customers who share their values, ultimately helping to strengthen and grow their businesses and grow their business with 0% commission.


Grow with

Because we have the same goal. currently has more than 150,000 users in the system with a total average growth rate of 573%. The number of parcels delivered through the system has successfully delivered more than 50 million pieces with leading shipping company partners. Meet the growth of businesses of all sizes and help drive to stimulate the country’s economy

Connect your Facebook and  Instagram

Start a Facebook Live Store in minutes

Livestream e-commerce software that integrates with Facebook  shops to confirm and consolidate orders seamlessly.

Did we mention creating your Facebook store is the first step to selling on Instagram?

When you’re ready to add Shoppable tags to your Instagram page, simply use your Chatnshops App Live Facebook integration to connect your Facebook store to your Instagram Business Account.

Key Features

“Real-Time Shopping: Discover, Connect, and Shop with Live sales on Facebook and Instagram “

Shop and Share Live Anywhere: Discover and Purchase Products on Facebook and Instagram Live with a Few Clicks

Stock management
Packing and Delivery
Payment Management
Manage simply

From Social Sharing to Social Selling Automate Everything

Ecommerce for dropshipping

So Many Opportunities! With

Sell on Facebook

Livestream ! Manage your Facebook Store from your Chatnshops dashboard

Sell on Google

Scale your business with Google tools: Google Ads, Google Shopping tab, Google Surface.

Sell on Instagram

Shoppable Instagram Posts are just a few clicks away.

Sell on Amazon

Reach new customers on the world's largest marketplace.

Sell on TikTok

We've partnered with TikTok to take wocommerce where it's never been before.

Sell in-person

Connect a Point-of-Sale system to an Chatnshops

Choose the package that's right for you.


for life

Rs 7500

/ month

Rs 12000

/ month


/ month

our shipping Partner

Starting seeling live for free

It’s easy to start selling. With a Facebook page manager, you can use unlimited pages. There are more than 50 features to help the store.
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If you are interested to join our drop Shipping model  and reseller model feel free tpo contact for discount 


do not charge or take percentage from your sales. Sales go directly to your bank account.

Our priority mission is to secure your data at utmost level. Our system has the world class standard security level also known as High Assurance SSL (same level as international banks). Learn more about our privacy policy

chatshopsharebazaar   helps you sell products via chat. Auto-reply to Facebook and Instagram chats and comments Pull comments to Facebook chats and notify them to your personal Facebook and Instagram  chats and alert on whatsapp is suitable for online sellers. who want tools to help take care of customers on Facebook and Instagram pages, help manage and increase sales or page admin who need tools to help manage pages automatically


Tree model Multi level marketing 

Benefit of becoming reseller

At chatshopsharebazaar, we are working hard to supercharge the eCommerce rails in Pakistan. Our resellers earn upwards of Rs.45,000 as we organize Pakistan’s best suppliers and reseller community.

Zero investment requirement

Our resellers are happy earning an income by working hard. They do not require any investment to start their business.

Sell in your social circle

Resellers leverage their network by sharing on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc., to sell effectively.

We make it easy by handling deliveries and cash collection

Homemakers and students are busy with many things. We manage the delivery, cash on delivery processes, and guarantee quality-related returns and refunds.

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